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[ profile] hrj is a maniac. I mean that in a good way. Between all her projects, I am hard pressed just to read all of them. Anyway, back on January 5, she posted: "There I was on Twitter, just reading my tweeps as you do, and there in my feed was an acquaintance (someone I've interacted with, but wouldn't presume to claim as a friend yet at this point), exclaiming, "I need The Three Musketeers set in the same time period but they're all women. This exists, right, Twitter? Right?" And after some bantering back and forth between various Musketeer fans, I suggested, "Then someone will simply have to make it happen." And suddenly there were several sets of virtual eyes pinning me down, saying, "Do it."

In the middle of working on a novel and blogging about lesbians in history and writing about food and linguistics and movie reviewsm she DID. Inspiration works that way, and it's delightful. Go read it! It's free to download and you can find it in several formats at And if you like that, definitely check out her other writing at There's a free e-story set in her Alpennia universe and if you like strong, smart women populating your fantasy fiction, definitely spring for the novels.

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