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 The saga with continues. As you'll recall, I had a guy come out last week to inspect Lil' Blanche and see why I was getting a "Check Engine Light" warning. He issued two separate service tickets, requiring me to make one appointment and then email to make sure both services would be combined, which I did. Said appointment was for 4:30PM yesterday.

 1:52 PM: mechanic messages to ask if he can come early. I have already made arrangements to leave the office at 3:30 because I figure it might be nice if the engine is not red hot when he shows up, so I message back that I will be home by 4. 

2:16 PM: I receive the following: "I know what car I'm working on now the part they order is wrong sorry I'll call the parts to get it right I'll have to reschedule u back. I message back that there's an O'Reilly Auto Parts store nearby and give its address.

3:30 I leave work early not having heard back on the off chance he is going to show up. 

4:42 I message to ask if he's coming. Get a boilerplate message that he's driving. Handy online map from original appointment updates live and shows him driving AWAY from Alameda.

5PM I make a new appointment, email the customer service rep who combined my service tickets AND post the following to's Facebook Page:


If I book an appointment at 4:30PM in the afternoon, I figure it should be reasonably obvious that I am at work before that, therefore, your mechanic should not be "on his way" to my house at 1:52 PM. Further, he should not then message me a few minutes later to tell me the wrong part was ordered and he has to reschedule and then not get back to me after I messaged back to inform him there is an O'Reilly Auto Parts store less than one mile from my address.

I finally made a new appointment but it's not until May 30. That means I get to stay home for Memorial Day Weekend because these repairs are not getting done this afternoon like they were supposed to.

Please make this right."

This morning the FB post is up:  "Hi Lisa, very sorry for any trouble. Please reply or DM with your email address, phone number, or case number so we can take a closer look at the specifics of your case. Thank you."

So I do. 

Almost simultaneously, I get THIS in my email:

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