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"Really good at apologizing, not so good at getting my vehicle actually repaired. Yet.

First appointment was on 5/17/17 to diagnose a check-engine-light warning. Mechanic Tien P. arrived promptly, examined my vehicle and then left. Shortly after, I received not one, but two emails with two separate recommended services. Of course, the website did not allow me to combine, so after I made an appointment to have the work done, I had to email customer service to have the services combined. 

Second appointment was for 5/24/17 at 4:30. At 1:53PM I get a text from the mechanic asking if he can come earlier. I say I can be available at 4. A few minutes later I get a text saying he does not have the necessary part and that he will have to reschedule me. I text back that there is an O'Reilly shop in the neighborhood if that helps. I get no reply. At 4:45 I text again to ask if he's coming or not. At 5:00 I book a new appointment for 4:30 on Tuesday 5/30 and cancel my travel plans for the Memorial Day weekend because I don't feel like getting stranded in the Sierras with car trouble. 

I spend over an hour on call backs, dropped calls and requests for escalation on Thursday evening (5/25/17) and this morning (5/26/17) get a voicemail message that the necessary part - you know, the one that *should* have been ordered on 5/17* - will not be available until Wednesday May 31. At no time during any of the phone calls have I been given full names or extension numbers I can call back, so I get a new customer service representative every single time. I FINALLY get someone to reschedule my appointment - because the stupid website won't let me do it myself because a button is missing from the screen I've been directed to - which is now for Thursday, June 1. Lo and behold, the estimate has nearly doubled. "Oh, that's for the part." You know, the one that should have been ordered on 5/17 and included in the original estimate.

The snowball effect of mistakes is strong with these ones. I just want my truck repaired. Is that so much to ask?

Oh, and if the Social Media Fairies at read this review with consternation, please refer to Appointment# 1712656. If there are not red flags all over my file, there should be. Fix this, please."

That's right. It's on Yelp. It's on Facebook. Because it seems that the only way you get customer service in the gig economy is to resort to public shaming. Because when I'm on call# 5 and ask Customer Service Rep# 5 to let me have a supervisor, she puts me on hold and disconnects me. 


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