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"There has been some grumbling as of late that those artisans not interested in competition have little outlet for showing off their work. There has also been some remarks made that people wish that there was a database of Laurels and what they can do and how to contact them. Well, I have been working with Lady Veronica da Lugano and others to create a new West Kingdom Artisans Social Network."

Thought number one: What grumbling? Seriously,  I almost didn't bother to read the rest of the announcement after such a negative opening.

Thought number two: I already HAVE a time-suck website so I can show off  share my work on Teh Internetz and network with people who are actually, you know, interested in the tiny, obscure niche I occupy.

Thought three: How about a cross post to the principality lists so that the people who Avoid SCA-Waste Like The Pox It Is might possibly have a chance to hear about it? And the guilds?  (Fine, I'll start with mistsprincipality, ClothiersGuild and Authentic_SCA, 'kay?)

Thought four: I don't need to join this thing.

Except. Except that somewhere someday someone in this kingdom might actually get up the nerve to want to do The Japanese Thing and Naysayers Be Damned.

I'm "It", so to speak.

EDIT: FIne, I'm signed up. I put my URL in my profile so I don't have to upload The Story Of Saionji In Photographs.(It's slightly terrifying, the thought of just how much schtuff I can document photographically.)    I've cross posted the announcement and told Madame Grumbles where so effort is not duplicated. On to laundry!!!!!!!!!!


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