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[ profile] acanthusleaf makes the prettiest pretties!

[personal profile] allison_is has the best grin. She just does.

[ profile] aureelia 's passion for poo is inspiring, and that's something I never thought I would find inspiring, especially after more than 20 years of shoveling up after horses.

[ profile] baronalejandro can be counted upon to be a One Man Bullshit-free Zone.

[ profile] bovil and [ profile] kproche , just love them to pieces, separately and collectively.

[ profile] dustinmartinez and [profile] the_ri , [ profile] purplepenguin , [profile] date_yukiie , [ profile] akirakeiko and [ profile] tatsushu , [ profile] reynardin , [ profile] sengokudaimyo , [ profile] spearweasel , in short, the Great SCA East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. You're the reason I do what I do.

[ profile] gcmadtown81 , best "little brother" a girl could have.

[ profile] leohtulf gives the best hugs. Or was that [ profile] revchewie ?
So does [personal profile] sasha_khan for that matter. (My meme, I can have three bests if I wanna.)

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....I should surely have a swelled head: 


Yeah, well it was still only $78 worth of "right action, " but food banks are pretty good at stretching a dollar. 

3. I got an email last night in response to the HOCM sake party posting I made to SCA-West. It was from our land agent for GWW, informing me he would save a spot for me "right out front on Laurel Lane" wherever that is.

Thanks, guys.

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[ profile] maredudd1066  in his gorgeous new kit - at Raglan Castle, Wales. Congratulations, tomodachi, you and your big nodachi and Samurai Bunny Slippers have Created a most excellent Anachronism!

Look at the breastplate - he did a Niô dô!!!! In a Zen reversal of the rippling Greco-Roman sixpack, nio do imitate the emaciated physique of ascetic monks.

And this is Katherine from Far West, who came home from Pennsic and got better pictures for me than the ones she offered me last week.

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Newly updated to rat out the well dressed in public. Thanks to all our Samurai Eye participants! You know who you are.

I think it's time for some lunch!

In semi related news, I have been home enough consecutive Saturday evenings to figure out what the hell is going on in "Tenchijin," an NHK historical soap that's been airing on Channel 26. Yummy costumes, and an appealing, mostly young, mostly photogenic cast, which probably explains a lot about the "history girl" trend in Japan right now. 


Aug. 10th, 2009 03:37 pm
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Just go. [profile] broider_barones  makes up for all the inappropriate-to-the-garb beading you've ever seen in the SCA.


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