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To my left, the lovely Fu-ren Wu Xi Lian, whose stencil-fu is fully equal to mine, or will be, now that I have revealed to her the Cuticle Scissor Secret Of Cutting Curves. I didn't bother with the over skirt this time around - I figured it would be warm enough without. My sleeves could stand to be longer, but I had a feeling they'd drive me insane. My scarf could also stand to be longer (yeah, I dip dyed it), however Wu says she usually skips one because IT is a pain in the patoot. 

The collar of the haishi is supposed to be cut on the bias, based on extant examples, however, we all know what Asian Brocades are like to work with, so I just cut it on the grain.

The obi is one I've had for ages. It seemed to work well with this look and was the right width.

My hair ornaments consist of three glass headed hatpins from The Treasury, a couple of brass findings I picked up at a bead store and one of my Laurel pendants. They all stayed put, even through a fair bit of formal bowing, to my profound relief. I could not manage to get my hair to cooperate for side-locks, however. I do like the new bun pins I tried this time out. They hold well and don't have to be gouged into one's skull.

The shoes were comfortable, however, I need to reglue the fabric in a number of spots as the flexion from walking made it try to pull away from where I'd stretched it.

I don't take pictures at events and I don't have any of Li's knighting because I was part of the ceremony, but someone surely got some and I will share when I see them.

More in a separate post, must go rotate a laundry load.


Jan. 10th, 2011 05:12 pm
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First paper cut of the new year. Makes typing slower than usual too!

No joy from Ujimoto, who , for all we know, may be face down in a ditch with cheese in his beard.  I predicted he and his cheesy fries would come to a bad end. Announcement has been posted to SCA-JML and the Tousando that I'm land agent-ing for Rising Sun. We'll see if anyone even wants to camp with me. Yagyu-dono's making noises like he might not even make it. (He's between jobs right now and money's got to be tight.) The Han contingent are camping with Outlands as far as he knows. I know "JAF" will be there with his war unit. (Mutual come-have-drinkies invites have already been exchanged.)  I've done my own pre-reg. At least the WK land agent's asking if there's any preference as to who to camp next to, so I can express preferences if I am going to be All Alone In My Japaneseness. (Again. As usual.) 

Sent a message to the Collegium coordinator to see if they're still accepting class proposals. Might trot out the laptop and do a Japanese garb overview. Or I could reprise the poetry class. Taiko, maybe - even though it eats up so much truck space.

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Gear is packed. The little red wagon is staying home so I can have a taiko dojo in my garden. (Taikotaikotaiko!!! Whee!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Siege projectiles chicken teriyaki onigiri seasoned with a shot of futomaki are cooling in a gallon zip-lock in the fridge. [ profile] mochimonkey  frequently mentions old-Japanese-lady-hands in connection with mochi production. I think it also applies to making onigiri, especially if you don't use molds. You have to mold the rice into balls while it is still hot enough to glue itself together and as you get deeper into the pot, the rice gets hotter!

Sake and snacks for the party have been acquired and stowed in safe places where they should not get crushed. I never made it to Nippon-ya for their fancy mochi assortment, but people seemed happy enough to eat the supermarket mochi and manju last year. It'll do.

Documentation for the Artisan's Display has been more or less cobbled together. I modified the write up from October Crown for the shibori sampler to include the plum blossom kosode, printed out the hiogi docs from my website. Since I never actually wrote up the sugoroku project, I printed out some info from and, which will simply have to do. Then I started printing out other articles from Wodeford Hall and whacking it into a binder that will probably not get looked at, but what the hell. Look Ma, a Body Of Work (TM)! If I print out any of the poetry, I'm gonna need a bigger binder.

I think I actually even have time to do some more finishing work on the shibori kosode this evening.

Hm. says Florence, AZ is getting rain tonight into the AM, with clearing and sunny later in the day. Fair through Friday, with a 40% chance of showers Saturday and Sunday - which of course is days away and is not graven in stone. (Crap! Forgot to throw the "beater" geta in the truck! They're ugly as sin, but they're made for mud.)

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A bunch of links to Estrella photo albums hit my kingdom e-list today. And so did some "survivor" guilt.

(Pang.) I shoulda been there. (Below, TRM Mari and Gemini looking respectively badass....)
(Pang.) But Rising Sun was so much fuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn.

(Pang.) I should've tried to get over there.

(Pang.) I did, actually. I walked as far as the footbridge over the irrigation dyke on that side of the battlefield on Saturday - the mud was even worse there than on our side (and our side was pretty deep). During a half shouted conversation with Alail, he more or less warned me off.

(Pang.) I didn't see my friends.

(Pang?) I got to see friends I maybe see once a year if I'm lucky - which for me is the whole point of going to an event outside my kingdom. 

(Pang?) Six out of ten Westerners will call me Jehanne if I'm dressed as Saionji, two will remember to call me Makiwara (and one of them will mispronounce it), and the other two will say, "I'm sorry, what's your Japanese name again?"

(Pang?) I got called by my Japanese name, mostly pronounced correctly and with appropriate honorifics on a regular basis for four and a half days. (You have no idea what a novelty this is....)

Waitaminnit. I taught two classes, then credited my volunteer hours to the Barony of the Far West. I represented my kingdom (and Asian arts at the same time) at the A&S display. In fact, I represented my kingdom every time someone admired Saionji's garb or enjoyed the whine of the hurdy gurdy and George's silly monkey grin.

What am I feeling guilty about again?
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Gacked from the Tousando Board....

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Exhausted. Things are starting to blur, like dye running on rain sodden sleeves.

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iPod is charging at my right elbow.
Class notes are proofed, printed, copied.
Kitchen box and party box are packed and waiting for load-out at the top of the stairs.
Food is ready to be packed into cooler.
I may even have room for my OWN big-ass Japanese hat.

I gave up on the second pair of tabi. They are frustrating me because I am too tired and too keyed up to concentrate on fitting around my own toes. Not the end of the world, they were a nice-to-have, not a necessity.

Weather reports for the Florence Arizona area predict nice days with temps in the 60s and 70s. Night temps in the 30s and 40s, with appropriate clothing and bedding packed accordingly. Not having to worry about rain is a very good thing.

I am very excited. Just the teensiest bit. No, really. Wakka Wakka
Neck deep in attractive men in hakama.... Yes, inverydeed.
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10:45 AM. I just (a) drove to San Francisco (hitting green lights all the way from 9th and Folsom to Larkin and Geary!!!), (b) put 1/2 hour's worth of change in the meter, (c) bought string, wood dowels for kites, a very nice little fruit knife with its own sheath and four sando-gasa at Soko Hardware,  (d) explained WHY I needed four sando-gasa, (e) went next door to Sakai's for green onions, kabocha, daikon satsuma oranges, mochi (strawberry, melon and mugwort), sugar (but no baking powder!), (f) chatted kabocha recipes with the cashier, (g) drove back to Alameda, (h) bought baking powder, two ice blocks and signed a petition at Nob Hill Foods and (i) came back here in under two hours.

I am going to have some brunch, take the book box down to the truck, cut and tape the banner pole bamboo, then start organizing and packing garb.

EDIT 12:57 PM.
Book box is packed and loaded into passenger footwell of truck cab.
Banner poles are finished. Using wooden dowels fitted into one end of a pole so another can be fitted on top works beautifully. We will have 10' high cantilevered banners.
Exceedingly painful and awkward splinter in left thumb has been removed. Contemplating a letter to Curad about the blatant stupidity of packaging bandages in such a way that you bleed over half the box while tearing one from a perforated set of multiple packages and then struggle to get THAT one out of its coccoon.
Tea. I need tea....

EDIT: 2:42 PM
Garb is clean, pressed (well, at least things like kosode collars), packed and about to get loaded into the truck.

EDIT: 4:55 PM
Wagon and cooler have been hosed off, dried in the sun and loaded after a little truck Tetris. I have determined that everything WILL fit in a reasonable fashion, hats included.
First load of laundry is in dryer, second is washing. My book shipment arrived from early.

EDIT: 6:18 PM Sunday
Kabocha manju is a write off.
Onigiri is made.
Kitchen box has been repacked, party box is packed and both are ready for load-out.

To do:
Japantown shopping run Saturday 2/9
Non-Japantown shopping Saturday 2/9
Finish banners.
Inventory camp kitchen stuff
Inventory and triage camping gear living in truck.
Check fit of new ridgepole sleeve and turn old one into recycling.
Call Bruce's and get the truck serviced.
Motel 6 reservation in Palm Springs.
Class notes!
Charge and update iPod. Fresh batteries in iPod speaker dock.
Re-glue rosette on hurdy gurdy.
Cut bamboo for banner pole cross-pieces. Cut doweling for bamboo "extensions." Reinforce ends of bamboo with strapping tape to prevent splitting.
Pack garb trunk.
Pack books.

Make chicken teryaki onigiri
Make kabocha manju and throw it away because the cake should not be freaking pie crust!

Re-pack kitchen box and put in truck.
Pack non-perishable groceries and put in truck.
Pack knapsack (modern clothes, toiletries, camera.)
Print and copy class notes.
Take out trash.

Tuesday AM:
Load hurdy gurdy, knapsack.
Put ice and food in cooler.

Optional sewing:

Make George a new coif.
Let out the pink kimono I won at the silent auction for $5
Finish tabi.
Finish tattsuke-bakama?
Finish brown gored tunic?
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Men are dumb, some of 'em. This one posts on the Tousando that he's "in San Francisco this week." So I do the nice thing and email him to say I will be in Japantown as soon as shops open to run my Estrella prep errands and does he want to meet for breakast or coffee. He emails back to reveal that he are not, in fact, IN San Francisco, but at some martial arts seminar in Santa Clara and invites me to "learn some budo", an activity which would require me to drive back from downtown SF and another hour south of my house, even if I HAD any desire to take up a martial art at my age with two bad knees and a dicey elbow.* Dude, what part of "I have a war to go to in four days" did you completely miss, you silly man?

Things are not out of control, but I've definitely got things to get done this weekend.

To do:
Japantown shopping run Saturday 2/9:
1. Mystify proprietor of Soko Hardware by purchasing lots of big-ass Japanese hats. Twine for lashing banner poles.
2. Groceries Nijiya: mochi, satsumas, daikon, green onion, kabocha, anything else that looks tempting. (Yagyu -dono assures me I have bought Quite Enough Sake....)

Non-Japantown shopping Saturday 2/9:
3. Groceries Nob Hill Foods: baking soda, sugar, block ice for cooler.
4. Craft store for basswood for kite struts.

Finish banners.
Inventory camp kitchen stuff and wait to hear from Yagyu-dono on unnecessary duplication of supplies, things still needed, etc. 
Inventory and triage camping gear living in truck.
Check fit of new ridgepole sleeve and turn old one into recycling.
Call Bruce's and get the truck serviced.
Motel 6 reservation in Palm Springs.
Class notes!
Charge and update iPod. Fresh batteries in iPod speaker dock.
Re-glue rosette on hurdy gurdy.
Cut bamboo for banner pole cross-pieces. Cut doweling for bamboo "extensions." Reinforce ends of bamboo with strapping tape to prevent splitting.
Finish tabi.

Pre-cook on Sunday:
Chicken teryaki onigiri
Kabocha manju

Re-pack kitchen box.
Pack garb.
Pack books.
Print and copy class notes.
Everything into truck except cooler, wagon, hurdy gurdy by Monday night. (Figure out where five big-ass Japanese hats can go without being crushed.)
Load the rest Tuesday AM before work.

Optional sewing:
Make George a new coif.
Let out the pink kimono I won at the silent auction for $5
Finish tattsuke-bakama?
Finish brown gored tunic?
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Really. I don't think of what I do as "A&S" the way most people in the SCA think of "A&S". Competitions are not only a non-motivator  inspirationwise, they make me insane, and not in a good way. (You spend 20 years riding green-broke horses in shows, you get all competetive instinct ground out of you because you're there to give Baby mileage, not to win.)

Display? And deprive myself of the use of something I slaved to make in the first place by sticking it on a table?  I love music but don't enjoy being in the spotlight, which is why the one-on-one of street performance appeals to me a lot more than standing up on a stage, be it feast hall or bardic circle.

And yet, I just emailed the A&S coordinator and asked for a spot at the Artisan's Display at Estrella. Yes. I am voluntarily chaining myself to a spot for 3 hours to see if anyone in attendance gives a rat's backside about the Tosenin Kosode project. Why? Well, it's a little thing called giri. There are probably thousands of people in our Society doing fingerloop braiding. Or tablet weaving. Or calligraphy and illumination. Or blackwork embroidery. The big fad craft in the West  is/was making lampwork beads for Viking treasure necklaces. I even made one damn bead at risk to life and limb and then told the person who insisted I give it a try that I was going back to paper and glue and getting the hell away from that oh so period hothead torch, thank you. (Ooh, note to self, pack kite-making supplies....)  Anyway, my point being that there are a lot of people producing a lot of like works.

How many are doing painted fakes of Asian textiles? How many of those are doing it because they saw mine first?  Trust me, they're out there, but there are not thousands.

 As some of you may remember from my adventures last year, there are people in Our Fair Society who believe that non-Western personae have no place in it. As Saionji, I represent a minority. I have a duty to my fellow SCAsians to portray my persona in a positive light. I am obligated to be at that table a week from Sunday doing so. 
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Yagyu-dono informs me I misread the map and had us on the wrong block. Same end of the war, same side of the road, just it's the bottom-most Atenveldt block, not the top-most. Puts us across the street from the Outlands, which is convenient for certain friends from there.


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