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Didn't get laundry done today because one of the other tenants was using the machines and I passed out on the sofa for an hour, so that's tomorrow's chore.

I've promised to do instrumental music for a vigil Friday night, so I'm bugging out of work a little early on Friday. Gwenhwyfar said I can pitch my tent by her day shade, though she's planning to motel it on Saturday. Evidently a lot of folks are doing the same, because there was a post today from Her Royal Highness about how they were going to do everything on Saturday (courts, meetings, etc.) with nothing formally scheduled for Sunday. The event site is remote, at altitude and if memory serves, is a haven for star thistle and sheep poo.

Debating whether to show off the Tosenin kosode or to slum it in a cotehardie. Weather report* is for hot and sunny, so I'm going to sweat no matter what I wear. Cotehardie means I can wear the pewter rose brooch, but Japanese means the bigger hat in a shade-poor environment.

*EDIT: says highs around 90-92 with 27% humidity, overnight lows about 54. (Must do Sergeant Sikes' hydration drill - a lot....)

Pewter rose brooch could conceivably be worn with modern clothes when we go offsite to dinner, thus demonstrating to the giver that I like it very much....


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