Feb. 6th, 2010 10:37 am
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First load of laundry is in. Goop is on hair. But I need more Rustoleum and I'm just going to do the whole gameboard top from scratch.  Pagano's didn't have small cans of Rustoleum. This stuff I bought is taking for freaking ever to dry, even with a high intensity worklight shining on it and a fan going.

Better image of the four Japanese emissaries found on the German version of Wikipedia: 

ACK! Timer went off. Must rinse hair!!!!

So, [livejournal.com profile] gurdymonkey , if you're writing up a timeline for a class on Japanese contact with the West in period, why does it keep going as far as 1854? Yes, the SCA period ends at 1600, a lovely, round number that allows those of you who insist on wearing Big Damn Clothes (TM) with lots of frippery to do so. However, context is everything, particularly on this subject, Portuguese traders, Jesuit missionaries, the Random English Guy with the ear of the Shogun. It doesn't just stop at 1600.  The important bits span only about 100 years: 1543 to 1641. But I had to stick 1854-1854 on the end, simply to illustrate just how adamantly Japan managed to resist the perils of outside influence for the next two hundred years.

Excellent scholarly article on the Jesuits in Japan. I can't even begin to get into their interpretations of Buddhism as described in letters home, but it does have a good chronology on the mission at the time: 

Google Books had a nice 30 page chunk of Tanegashima: the arrival of Europe in Japan available online.

Still feel like I'm scratching the surface, but at least I have some information organized that I can present if anyone takes the class.

And check out this well dressed samurai doing the Grand Tour of the courts of Europe in 1615. 
Hasekura Rokuemon Tsunenaga, as painted by Claude Deruet.

To do...

Feb. 5th, 2010 10:29 pm
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Cheesecake is DONE.

Lanterns are DONE. Cutting fiberglass "shoji paper" works best when done with gloves, even if they're the cheap hardware store plastic ones.  I am splinterless and I have four bitchin' kaga chochin to show for it.

To do tomorrow:

Apply purple goo to hair.

Finish lid to sugoroku box. (I got two whole lines drawn, messed up the third and realized that my eyes are tired and I just don't have enough light up here after dark for work that nitpicky. I can do that in the morning. The gold paint dries pretty fast.  I'd like to get some polyurethane on it too, but if the weather's bad tomorrow, I may have to wait until Sunday morning.)

Get class notes written up for the thing on contact between Japan and the West in the 16th c.  The handout may end up being a timeline, bibliography and some relevant pictures and maps.  I'm feeling ill prepared and kinda hoping nobody shows because the more I keep reading, the more I keep finding. [livejournal.com profile] allison_is , this is all your fault, girlfriend.   At least it's not until Saturday of war, so I can take some time to review what I have. Found some great images of the 1582 Japanese mission to visit the Pope online but can't find out what manuscript THIS one is from yet. (The text appears to me to be German.) More research is needed and I haven't had time to do as much as I would like. Maybe I'll get really lucky and nobody'll show up to class.

Pick up Sterno (K-mart) and small koinobori (Daiso) en route to party tomorrow night. Koinobori will make spiffier tent rope flags than the rags hanging off of them currently.

Optional: Personal banner with the kanji for "honor, harmony, knowledge." I have black paint. I have muslin. More importantly, I have pictures of the necessary kanji.

Optional: cut linen for a kosode. I can take this to Estrella and have some hand work to do during hang-out-in-camp time if I am so motivated.

To do Sunday


Finish anything that didn't get done Saturday.

Estrella packing. Ideally, I'd like to have as much loaded as possible by Sunday evening.

To do Monday

Grocery run.


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