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Rent it! RENT IT! You know you want to. You'll need Kleenex though.

BTW, keep an eye out for the young boy in the traveling sequence. Around his neck he's wearing a kake-mamori similar to the one I made a couple of weeks back. Movies are not documentation, but still, it was cool to see it.
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The flannel pair of white tabi are finished except for sewing on ties.
The dragonfly print pair (lined with flannel!) have 3/4 sole attachment and need to be fitted/sewn around the toes, which is the part that is always a pain in the ass, no matter how many of these I've made.

I am taking a break from stabbing myself in the finger. "Why were you stabbing yourself, O Curmudgeonly One?" you ask. Well, because there was bugger all on the babble box this afternoon. No, I am not a football fan. So I broke the shrinkwrap on Sansho the Bailiff and popped it in the DVD player and prepared to have my heart broken in artfully filmed black and white. With subtitles, hence the stabbities. While I am finally starting to get enough of an ear for Japanese that I may recognize one word in an entire rapidfire sentence, I still need those subtitles and the Criterion release does not come dubbed.

It's set in the Heian period. A compassionate governor is sent into exile. Without mercy, he tells his small son, man is a beast, and presents him with an image of Kannon the merciful. When his wife and two children try to follow him, they are captured and sold as slaves. The mother is sent off to a brothel on Sado island, the children fall into the harsh care on the estate of Sansho. And that's all I'm going to say except RENT IT!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Criterion, who released Ugetsu in 2006 and Sansho a few months ago, will let us have more Mizoguchi treasures on DVD soon. Life of Oharu, please?


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