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You decide....

Tobi (construction worker) pants.

Tattsuke-bakama. A form of hakama with built-in kyahan (gaiters) that became popular for military wear in the late 16th century.

Photo shamelessly ganked from - Sensei won't mind. Much.

I blame [personal profile] bovil and [personal profile] kproche. Ever since they showed me this article I've thought I'd love a pair of tobi pants for casual wear. They look comfortable and kinda fun.

Then the lightbulb went on. I knew how to do it. Tattsuke-bakama. Take the Sengoku-daimyo hakama pattern.  Make it shin length and close up the side seams instead of leaving classic hakama "doorknob catchers" so I can actually wear it with t-shirts and such. Sew a solid waist tie to the back half, possibly turning it into a drawstring closure in the front so they can be easily pulled on and off. Make a pair of slip-on kyahan based on the calf-to-ankle measurement of a pair of my narrow legged jeans. Pleat bottom of hakama into top of kyahan.

Awhile ago someone I know was cleaning out her house and gave me some kimono that will never fit me in a million years. One was a yukata made of a nice indigo/white kasuri. I took it apart the other night and while there is no way I could ever have worn it as a yukata, there's definitely enough to get a pair of these out of.

EDIT for Takadai-hime:
Because a picture is worth, you know:

Obata Genjirou Torashi-dono in hakama - straight hems all the way to the ankle. (Yes, ladies, the picture does not do him justice. He's a fine figure of samurai manhood and a hell of a nice guy.)

Torashi-dono in hakama worn with kyahan (gaiters):

Female model in tatsukebakama from Bokunan-do's online catalogue:

Takeda-dono in sashinuki - these are very long hakama with a drawstring at the bottom hem. By tying the drawstring, the hem forms a pouf, sort of like harem pants. (Ditto on the fine figure of samurai manhood and a hell of a nice guy bit.)


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