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 A peer doesn't say, "You'll never be as good as me." A peer says, "How can I help you do better?"

Yesterday, one of our Western White Scarves wrote a heartbroken and heartbreaking post to his Facebook. This person told him "I know you're trying, but you're too old" to ever be a MoD." This person also told him that cut-and-thrust will not get him considered for a MoD - which is horseshit. The WWS lives in a relatively remote area and has to care for a disabled wife. This does not prevent him from driving long distances to try to get to events both in the West and An Tir. He loves to fight. He loves to teach. If I know he's going to be at something, it inspires ME to drive long distances so I can go fight him and his cadet - because they're so much fun to work with. He's done research on period fighting styles that adapt well to cut-and-thrust as we do it in the SCA. 

While the WWS did not mention names, the offending MoD outed himself with a post on his own timeline about having hurt a friend. When I saw who it was, I was not at all surprised, because it proved all over again that a white collar does not make a peer. (The irony is that the FB cover photo of this "master" is of him fighting me at the event where he refused to die to me.) 

This guy was told that he'll never be a MoD by a schmuck who he'd just killed five fights in a row. He was told he's too old by someone who is at least as old as he is and who always seems to manage to be too tired or too injured if he feels like ducking a fight. He was told he'll never be a peer by someone who just keeps proving over and over and over again that he does not know how to be a peer.  

I'm gonna go to An Tir West this week. I am going to beg as many fights with my friend as I possibly can because he will teach me, he will beam and laugh when I kill him, he will give hug me when we are done. He will be the peer that Schmuck MoD is not. 
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