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Google Maps says it's 2 hours and 40-something minutes from San Leandro to Fresno. It was more like four on a Friday afternoon.
Stopped in Los Banos for a pee stop, McDeathburger with Cheese and a grocery stop for some fruit, bread, cheese and bottled water to contribute to the Artillerie Company.
Tent foo. )

Got about three minutes sleep Friday night. Lots of freeway noise and I just couldn't seem to settle in. Up early Saturday AM to move vehicles and get dressed.  One of my campmates (I am ashamed I cannot remember this lovely gentleman's name! EDIT: Clancy! His name is Clancy. ) served me oatmeal and Earl Grey. I whipped up a new linen cap before the games got underway, and was more or less decently accoutred for the festivities.  

Long day. We had a new couple with us. Of course they had spare clothes for Chris, but none for Tina. Dale sent her to me. I recommended [profile] kass_rants' patterns and wrote down links for her.  Headed out after the morning firing demo to busk, got halfway across the park - and Tempest fired up their amplifiers. I watched part of their set, and vainly tried to find a spot out of their sound shadow (turned out not to be possible). I did busk for awhile after they finished and made about $10, which was pretty good. When I tried to go out to busk later in the day I was doing ok and a pipe band decided to invade the merchant area, driving me back to camp.

It was fun, it was good seeing the guys, but it was a long, freaking day. Tomorrow I have to fix those tent poles and stake loops and maybe find time to work on my hiogi.
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Shoes, check.
Stockings, check.
Garters, check.
Shift, check.
Petticoat, check.
Corset, check.
Jacket, check.
Kerch, check.
Annular brooch.

I cannot find the freaking thing ANYWHERE. And of course, you know as soon as I take the hour to cut out and run up another one, the wee mumping bastard will turn up. No doubt along with the glass headed veil pins that have been missing since before Pennsic...

The Free Artillerie Company is attending the Highland Games in Fresno this Saturday. Forecast is sunny and mid 80's and yours truly gets to wear wool and look dorky and all historical-like.


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