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Not happy with the hem....
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The story so far: I had acquired 8 yards of 16" wide kimono silk from eBay that was originally intended for Shinto vestments (hence the unusually wide bolt-width). It was gorgeous, it was worth what I paid and it was not long enough to get anything Japanese out of!

PEERS is holding a Pride and Prejudice Ball on March 1. So last Saturday I dug ol' Simplicity Retro Costume Collection 9221 out of the depths of the sewing basket it's been living in since 2001, unrolled the bolt and started calculating. I had enough for the skirt if I used five widths of silk, I had enough for the bodice if I made it in four pieces, but there wasn't enough for sleeves! While the daring Miss Bingley might swan about with naked arms in the latest Paris frock, I am no longer  a sweet young thing by any stretch of the imagination. I was going to have to piece something into the sleeves. A yard of gold dupioni from Silk Road Fabrics later, I had my solution.


Skirt assembly, sleeves and bodice assembly are at this point complete.

To do: pleat bodice into waistband. Pleat skirt into waistband. Hem skirt. Look fabulous.

The pattern I used is no longer in print. Being a costume pattern, it eschews such period details as those interesting V back and shoulder seams one often sees on Regency dresses, but it's not awful. Review of the lovely Regency Costume Companion website is helpful in choosing which pattern options to tweak or ignore completely. Given all the tucks and pleats in the sleeves, bodice and skirt, doing this whole thing by hand is actually pretty easy.
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Some of you might remember the white and gold silk that was not enough to get a kariginu or suikan out of.  Well, I found the envelope bearing Simplicity Retro# 9221 and laid out the pieces. I have just enough of it to make a Regency gown if I make the sleeves out of a different fabric, because it was part of a kimono bolt.  If I were still a sweet young thing, I'd be daring and make it sleeveless, but I'm not.  Bodice pieces and skirt have been cut and the skirt panels have been assembled because yes, I am that fast with running stitch. I figure a pretty pale gold silk will do for the sleeves, neckline edging and possibly a sash.

Now, whether I can have it ready to wear for Peers' Pride and Prejudice ball next week remains to be seen. I'm a better seamstress than I was when I made the blue velvet Regency several years ago, but there's a metric buttload of pleats and gathers on this puppy.


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