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Cranes may be icons
Of good fortune, but I saw
Silver clad herons.
They watched me from riverbed
And garden, like tall shadows.

Day 1, Jingumichi bridge.

Day 2, Ujigawa. 

Day 3, roof of Sanjusangendo.

Day 4, Oi River, Arashiyama.

Day 5, garden at Heian Jingu shrine.

The daily heron-sighting streak broke at this point, until a final sighting on the canal in Fushimi on Day 11.
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Another sunset
Gilds the water as sea birds
Wheel and cry above.
I turn homeward, thinking of
What tomorrow holds in store.

Thank you all for playing.
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She waits in a web
Strung across the window frame
For a fly or moth.
A door slams downstairs, making
Her scuttle into a crack.
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Tiny white flowers
In the grass beneath my feet
Spring up like small stars.
A breath of sea breeze floats in
Off the beach beyond the trees.
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So bright a spring moon
Makes one yearn for poetry
And dreams of what was.
Alas, I must watch alone
As the rooftops gleam silver.
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On a quiet night
A distant train horn echoes
Across the channel.
Footsteps on pavement outside
Hurry past, then a door slams.
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A field of green silk
Awaits my inspiration
"Paint me!" it whispers.
I dip my brush in pure gold
Steady handed by purpose.
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A darting motion
In the corner of my eye
Alerts me to him.
He hovers, snatching insects
Wings blur with speed, then he's off.
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The wheel turns again,
Now rising, now falling but
Always in motion.
No matter what the season
There is always more mending.
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Wrists ache from the weight
Of drills with sword and dagger,
Pass and pass again.
Is he having an off night
Or have I improved that much?

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Flowering trees wave
Their gaily colored sleeves in
The morning sunshine.
I spare them a glance before I
Hurry off to my work day.
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It's almost midnight
But this poem will not come
And I want to sleep.
Whose idea was this challenge?
Oh yes, that's right. It was mine.

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It roars off the bay,
Yanking at half closed doors and
Rattling the windows.
Halyards chime noisily as
Boats jostle in their moorings.
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Were they all real men
Or the imaginings of
Those who sculpted them?
Two millennia old, they
Gaze back at me in silence.

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A slice of moonlight
Shaped like a smile, or perhaps
The hull of a boat.
It rides above my road home,
Waiting for I know not what.
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A thousand years on,
Monkey looks back laughing as
Rabbit chases him.

Cavorting in faded ink,
The animals still frolic.

(Now go Google "Choju Giga.")
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The street is quiet,
Light shines from a front window
At this late hour.
I try to tread softly as
I pass my neighbor's front door.
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A solitary
Clump of purple and white spills
From a stringy vine.
Perhaps by next spring it will
Cascade more elegantly.
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As the sun went down
I saw them hunting for fish
In the steel blue bay.
The pelicans have returned
And I sigh contentedly.
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At night, a high wind
Makes this old house shudder and creak
Like a ship at sea.
Lying beneath the eaves, I
Listen to the storm's music.


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