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A Saionji no Spike sighting at CC26!

These were taken during my lecture - I was vamping explaining what I was wearing and various ways of using or not using the sleeves, while Tara tried to get a laptop up and running for me. 
Not pleased with the make-up. (Yeah, I rushed putting it on that morning.....) That damn eboshi always gives me a bad case of hat head and a big ol' stripe across my forehead.  
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Enjoy the photographic stylin's of [profile] didjiman here:

I always hated being photographed. My mother has albums full of me darting out of frame, turning my head away, hiding my face with my hands. Things were not improved by my encounter with THIS guy.  "Trust me." I tried. So he insisted on a pose that made me look pissed off and pregnant when I was neither. Thanks for nothing.

Richard, you can photograph me anytime!

Look at these. I'm in white face and I don't look dead. It looks right. The mo (my train) isn't vanishing into the backdrop.  The colors in my kasane are true.

(Unfortunately, you can also see what a piece of crap the Beta test hiogi truly is. Uneven edges, gaps, holes from the first set of laces that never lined up properly. (I really do need to decide what I'm painting on the new one and finish the thing.)  Might stick with the pine tree motif - that, at least, came out well.)
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I REALLY need to take the bodice in on this - it's practically falling off me.

There's another one here:
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Hot. Tired. Mo tie rumpled. Make-up starting to run around my glazing eyes. (These were taken after the masquerade while we were waiting on judges/halftime show. I'd been in face several hours at this point.  Lighting is not the best (we were out in the hallway between the photo station and the green room).
At least my collars look good, and a big domo arigato gozaimasu to [profile] sarcasm_hime for that.

EDIT. Oh joy, oh, bliss, this freaking gallery changes the pages around depending on number of hits. The bastards. I must post links to individual photos. (The kasane of the con badge is disharmonious and inelegant but people kept giving me black ribbons!)

I can't wait until the ones [profile] didjiman did are ready. I got to see them last Monday! They will be worth the wait. 

Interestingly/oddly, only one of the three photographers who made a point of giving me a business card has yet to actually post any of their photos in the galleries indicated in their contact info. Go figure.DID
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However, the Loie Fuller presentation from the historical masquerade. This is awesome:

Compare to the original Edison kinescope (albeit with modern soundtrack).

This won Best in Show for the historical masquerade, and rightly so. Excellent concept.
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Pictures are starting to turn up on Flickr.

[profile] sarcasm_hime as Mata Hari. (Yes, that IS her hair.)
and as the dancer to be named later.

I don't know the Madame de Pompadour entry, but this dress was stunning.

I thought this was nicely done. His wife made it but did not enter her own outfit, which you can see the very edge of. He also knew how to stand and walk in it to show it off.

Here's [personal profile] hrj

and a nice one of the ever lovely [personal profile] callistotoni

This was Queen Amidala's mourning dress. Don't know the young lady, but it was incredible.
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When one is walking around in a frumpalicious woolen dress with what looks like an air filter on one's head, it's really nice when the first four people you encounter actually recognize the period artwork upon which it is based.  It's even MORE surprising when, while walking around in a 16th century Irish dress, someone you've never met spies your name on your convention badge and says he hopes to attend your workshop on Japanese costuming!

I roomed with the lovely [personal profile] joycebre for the weekend. She is a most excellent roommate.

The Tosenin kosode worn with travel accessories (the "small" hat over the voile kazuki), was a big hit as a hall costume. I got stopped a number of times for pictures.  (I saw the photos [profile] didjiman took today and he made me look great.)

Only made it to one workshop all weekend and that was on Chinese opera costumes. The teacher was enthusiastic, the costumes were pretty. I used part of the afternoon to attack my clothing with the steamer for the masquerade the following day.

The Fantasy/SF masquerade started very late and had nearly fifty entries. It was worth seeing the presentations, but I went straight and dutifully to bed around 1 AM.

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The uwagi collar rebuild might actually be finished tonight. Sounds simple, doesn't it. Just a collar. Except it wasn't just the collar. The damned thing has never hung quite right and it was because I'd originally made the thing too long. I had to remove both overlap panels and their linings. I hacked eight inches of hem off the body panels. I pieced them (and their linings) onto the tops of the overlap panels. I sewed the overlap panels back on. I sewed the linings back together. Now I just have to re-attach the collar.

Class notes are done. I decided a handout with a "Resources" list and a historical timeline might be nice. If I copy it double sided, it won't be unwieldy.

Powerpoint pics are done - though I'd be happier if I can find a better image of Emperor Shotoku because the one I have is a bit fuzzy blown up.

I printed up some Wodeford Hall business cards. 60 seems like a lot and at the same time not very many.

Someone just wrote to me with questions about my Irish dress. Might be worth dragging that along because SOMEBODY in this RenFaire mad state ought to be wearing an Irish dress that's actually made from wool and linen. And of course, my air-filter hat. Because it's All About The Dorky Hats!*

I won't have tomorrow evening to do much packing/prep because [profile] the_ri and [profile] dustinmartinez are gonna be in town, so I'm meeting them in San Francisco for a bout of Ritual Epithet Slinging, Art Appreciation and other such carousing.

However, I am enough of a morning person that I should be able to finish whatever I need to on Friday morning before motoring down to the conference.

(*I like hats. I really, really LIKE hats. I wish I could wear elegant, Audrey Hepburn confections with wisps of veil, or those wonderful 20's cloches - but I look like a complete dork in most hats. I must save my delight for So-Dorky-It-Has-To-Be-Period historical hats. Like my air-filter hat. Or my tate-eboshi. Or my Bigass Japanese Hat Of Doom.)

Break time

Apr. 19th, 2008 03:19 pm
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Taking a break from sewing. No, not anything new, just some fixes on my Heian ensemble. This morning I shortened  the sleeves on my hitoe so that they do not cascade from my kasane like lettuce squirting out of a sandwich with too much mayo.

I have never been 100% happy with my uwagi either. I ripped the okumi panels and the collar off. The okumi edges now have an extra line of stitching to give them a little more crispness and make the lining lie flat.  Next up, shorten the body panels (and lining) front and back by a few inches, re-attach the okumi/lining to the body, re-set the collar.

In the meantime, a pretty for you to enjoy. Meet Kobo Daishi. He's kneeling upon a lotus looking holy because when he grows up, he's going to found the Shingon sect of Japanese Buddism. Did he look like this? We-e-ll, the portrait was painted about four hundred years after he died. Which doesn't mean it's not a charming picture.
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[personal profile] bovil's  recent journal entry pegs Costume Con pre-registration at over 600 attendees. I'm on the official schedule grid for Sunday 10 AM. Is it time to start panicking yet?

This is not going to be like the average SCA class where I get anywhere from two to ten people - if I'm really lucky. It's not even going to be like Known World Costuming & Rattan, where I got twenty or so for the sideless surcote class. This is a convention for costuming. SCA attendees are only part of the equation. Instead of a tiny SCA-Japanese niche, I expect to see attendees from the anime/manga/cosplay part of the spectrum, and I could get quite a lot of them.

Here's the thing. I don't know jack about anime. I'm not into it, it's never really grabbed me.

OK, I have actually done some homework when it comes to historical Japanese clothing or I wouldn't have let myself be roped into this gig, but anime? Only this afternoon someone posted a question about a "hime-cut" to Immortal Geisha. I scratched my head and went a Googlin'. (Which is not, praise John Fogarty, the same as Chooglin'.) Please compare the following:

Bangs???? Hime don' wear no BANGS! Sidelocks yes, but bangs?

It's my understanding that the character is supposed to be a miko (Shinto shrine maiden). The woman on the right actually is one and her vestments have their origin in Heian women's underwear, which later became fashionable as outerwear during the Kamakura period (see scroll drawing at far left).  The toon is also wearing hitatare instead of a kosode: note the artistically flying strings at the lapels and the drawstrings in her billowingly not-kosode-sleeves.

This is a bucket of freshly caught squid I just cannot embroil myself in during the presentation.  If someone asks me for an opinion about what some toon in some series is wearing, I'm going to have to say, "Sorry, I'm not a fan, I can't comment without having seen it." Well, shucky darn. Or should I say, shigata ga nai.
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A frustrating exercise
In futility.

Aftermath of taiko lesson #1: Left trapezius feels like it's been used, but doesn't really qualify as sore.  Of all places, I'm feeling it in my calves, and I walk two miles a day. The stance is going to take getting used to.

In the meantime, I've been thinking about the PVC practice drums they had.
even proves you can make one that isn't cheesy looking. If I stick with taiko, this might be a viable way to get into trouble get something going at Estrella with the Rising Sun crew. They're lighter than wooden taiko, which would make them easier to transport. Not to mention outdoor conditions. I may have to research synthetic vs. hide drum heads at some point....
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You know that  ziggurat of art books I carefully put back in the bookcase when I was cleaning a couple of weeks ago? Well, some of 'em are back out again.

It's all in a good cause - my CostumeCon class on pre-Edo period Japanese costume.

The downside is that frequently one has to peer at very tiny photos in black & white and then try to find a digital image of it online that's easier to see.  Some hits, some misses.

I'm off to surf the Kyoto National Museum collection. Wish me luck!
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I found [personal profile] kproche and [personal profile] bovil in my mailbox this afternoon!  Well, not them for real - they certainly wouldn't fit in the mailbox. It was a newsletter for Costume Con 26, but there they were grinning up at me.

Here I sit, sorting through images to use in my presentation. To my eternal sadness, the Tokyo National Museum's image links to the Ippen Shonin scroll are still not working, however, I found a similar picture scroll at e-Museum with some wonderful clothing details of the people waiting to hear Ippen Shonin preach, such as this one. Look at the guy at the left hiding behind his fan, in a two tone hitatare kamishimo with his retainer holding a parasol for him. Lots of women in traveling hats (including the nun down front) or with kosode over their heads. If you look carefully at the oxcart on the left, you can even see the noble lady inside peeping through the blinds!
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Teaching )

What to wear to the Underwear Party though? I don't DO Victorian....
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I think it took me almost two hours between exiting my truck and actually paying my site fee at Twelfth Night because I kept getting waylaid by people. This event is not about being medieval. It's about shmoozing. If it were not about shmoozing, there would be no need for it to require three days in a hotel.

I wore the kariginu ensemble most of the day. Go here for a better look. The eboshi is a scootch too snug with my hair up. I need to ease the band a bit. However, it maintained its starchy structural integrity, making me almost, but not quite as tall as Ivan Ivanovich Streltsov, which is saying something. Given the size of the hotel and convention center, there's something to be said for being able to cover distances like a man in hakama too. (Said hakama were originally made for my  hitatare kamishimo ensemble.

I attended Last Court and got to see Wilhelm inducted into the Order of the Pelican. He sure as hell earned his bird. I almost cried when he showed me his scroll afterwards. Hobbit had done a series of illuminations showing Wilhelm doing herald duties - in one frame where he was field heralding for two fighters, one was in a black surcote bearing Gaius' shield. (Hobbit is also the artist responsible for the scroll my default icon comes from).

Must envy[info]acanthusleaf - I'd never seen her hair down and hadn't realized just how long and gorgeous it is. Did get a brief hello from callistotoni who was looking genteel and pretty in colors that I can't wear. Managed a nice visit with Jaida for a few minutes, and another with Edward who was fascinated with the construction of The Smackity Fan.

[personal profile] bovil and [personal profile] kproche are made completely of win. You may or may not recall them as the OMGWTFKataginu! Guys from the Mikado Ball back in September. They'd been planning to attend Twelfth Night with the specific aim of hosting a party to promote Costume Con 26. They wanted to do Japanese since it combined well with other current costuming projects of theirs. They wanted me in on it. Girls and boys, I like the West for a great many reasons, but the fact is, you have no idea how NICE it is to have people to play with locally who want to do Japanese things!  Because the play ran late - gee, like that NEVER happens - it meant missing Coronation and First Court, but I'd promised. Ah, giri!

Every year SOMEONE comes up with the Obligatory Monkey Themed Twelfth Night gift. This year it turned out to be [personal profile] marymont and [personal profile] aeddie with a most excellent tee shirt with ninja monkeys on it.  

Anyway, back to The Guys. I am made of fail - I got a picture of Andy, but never remembered to collar Kevin and get one of him. They did a great job on their kataginu ensembles. (Handsome men in wafuku - it just does not get better than this. Sigh!) Go here for a better look.

Even if I hadn't brought a scroll and the brocade futon cover to add to the ambiance, they had the situation, Big Hotel Furniture and decor under control, right up to a gagaku album on the iPod playing at a low volume continuous loop, paper lanterns and tea lights glimmering everywhere, an assortment of sweet and savory Japanese munchies and a nice assortment of very good sake on ice in the sink. I ditched the eboshi and washed off my make-up so I could relax a bit. I got to chat textile porn with their friend Carol - turns out she collects vintage kimono and does the kind of dyeing things I'd love to learn, so we've exchanged contact info.

Theia lured us down the hall to check out some vintage kimono and obi she'd brought to sell. As is usually the case, the motifs and styles were pretty much too modern for SCA period and most of it was too small for me. I didn't have enough cash on me, but she set aside for me a pretty black haori with cobalt blue butterflies and a cute hitoe kimono with a fun windowpane check that is long enough and can be let out and we will settle up at March Crown.

While we never got mobbed, we did get a fairly steady, mellow stream of visitors in the sort of relaxed, low key environment I can actually enjoy. We broke for dinner around six, trooped down to the hotel's sushi bar in our finery. Andy and Kevin insisted on treating me. I ordered some nigiri a la carte and bogarted the occasional bit of roll from the geta. Yummy stuff.

We then took a turn around the convention center, passing out cards and invites to their party, then went back upstairs. Got to chat with [personal profile] sarahbellem and meet some of her friends. There was a noisy jello shot party going on down the hall, but we got some folks passing through from there who were interested in Costume Con, or at least in enjoying some sake or umeshu. Still naively believing I would drive home at some point, I dutifully switched to tea for awhile. Heh. Right. We outlasted the jello shot people.

The guys decided to shut down and go roaming because there were still a couple of parties going on. It was finally agreed - after an appropriately Japanese exchange of polite refusals, insistences, warnings about snoring on my part countered with warnings about snoring on their part - that I would crash with them for the night and we would take the rest of the sake to the other parties and try to make it go away.

We stopped briefly at the party where TRM were. They looked very happy and I felt less bad about missing their step-up, but we left after an outbreak of bad singing coming from one corner of the room and decided to check out the wine and cheese party upstairs. Despite the fact that crowds make me twitch and hearing loss in my right ear reduces me pretty quickly to nodding and smiling stupidly, I did visit with Katherine, Valgard and Flidais for a bit. It was probably about 3 AM when we went back down to the room and I was able to put the ninja monkeys to good use as a night shirt.

I helped [personal profile] bovil and [personal profile] kproche pack out and repaid them for their many courtesies by treating them to lunch at a great little Greek place they led me to in Willow Glen.

Oh, and yes, I am going to CostumeCon 26.


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